Perfect for any occassion! Our customisable cake toppers will add the finishing touch to any event.


Please select whether or not you require a stainless steel straw for an additional £1.50 these are recommended as although aluminium is food safe the wire we use is not advertised as food safe so we recommend using a straw to enable the cake topper to be supported in the cake safely. If you have a straw which you would prefer to use just select "no thankyou". 

We cannot be held responsible for any circumstance where you have not followed our advice.


The Beautiful cakes in my imagery are made by Katie at Little Pie Patisserie.

Personalised Cake topper

SKU: 0006
Colour of wire
  • Our cake toppers are made from a 2mm aluminium wire.

    Aluminium is food safe, however the wire we use IS NOT ADVERTISED AS FOOD SAFE!

    We recommend inserting a straw into the cake and then placing the topper inside the straw to avoid any issues. We love being able to offer you a variety of colours and have not yet found wire in our popular colours which is advertised as food safe although we are still searching!


    DISCLAIMER: We hope you understand that we cannot accept any responsibility if you choose not to follow our advice.