You have chosen Brushstroke. This is a beautiful font with a real simplicity, "Brushstroke" is a modern script style which is perfect for anywhere in your home.


NB. Please be aware that although the font example has the calligraphy look of varying thicknesses it will only be a single thickness.


Insert your quote below and make sure you select which colour wire you would like. Then count up your letters and select from "number of letters" box.


Standard size: each letter of the fonts are roughly 10cm high and about 2-3cm wide.

I make everything as ordered so please check your spelling!


NB LONGER QUOTES. If your quote or mantra is over 33 letters please use the order form on the homepage.

Custom Quote in Brushstroke

Colour of wire
  • The wall words are made from a 3mm wire, that easily slots into the wall without any fixings. Please make appropiriate holes using a 3mm drill bit. Further instructions on how to mount your words can be found on the "how to install" page.