How to Install your wall mounted words.


pencil, drill, 3mm bit, spirit level (optional), masking tape (optional)


Decide where you want your words to hang. If you want them to sit central on a wall; measure both the wall and the words to find a central point and work from the middle out.

Either mark a line with a spirit level or hang by eye.

Each word (or letter depending on font) will have two bits of wire at a ninety degree angle to the rest of the word. These are the bits you will drill holes for.

You will need to hold the word/letter in the desired position and mark where this point meets the wall.

Putting tape around the drill bit helps to prevent drilling too far. The words only need to slot in about 1cm. This gives them a more three dimensional effect standing off of the wall.


1. Holding the word/letter mark the wall.

2. Using a 3mm drill bit; drill the holes.

3. Insert your new artwork, sit back and wait for the compliments.

4. Take a picture and tag us on Instagram @wired_mama