Custom Quotes

Yay... We love receiving your custom quotes.

This is where Wired Mama started and we hope to be adorning your walls with your favourite words/lyrics/family sayings for a long time to come.

Below there is two options "Custom Quote" or "No Drill Custom Quote".

The First; "Custom Quote" will be made with prongs for you to insert into your wall after drilling holes (at least two holes per word). This type is suitable for all wall types, even outdoors. No additional fixings are required.

The Second; "No Drill Custom Quote" is the option for you if you don't want to drill holes into the wall. These words are made flat for you to stick onto your wall or to prop on a shelf.

We recommend buying command hooks to hang these on the wall (THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED, you can purchase them here)  For the adhesive to be effective they cannot be hung on uneven surfaces such as brick and they are not suitable for outdoor use or for use on wipe clean or scrubble paint.

Select your favourite font below and choose your wire colour. 

Type in your quote/lyrics/mantra, and count up your characters to calculate a price.